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After finally getting a day off and a chance to have a proper look at my car today, i decided to look into removing some of the scratches that it had on from the previous owner. I used some Meguiars Scratch X on them. On the smaller scratches it worked brilliantly, they can barely be seen at all now :D but some of the scratches are deeper than i first thought so therefore are still present. What would be the best way of getting rid of these or making them less visible?


(sorry for any silly questions i may post, im starting from a severe lack of car knowledge aha)

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Use a compound instead of the scratch x remover. They tend to be more abrasive, meaning they will work better.

Or get yourself a turtle wax chip stick:


You fill the scratch with the stick and put the liquid on top to lock it in. Keep doing it over a period of time and it fills the scratch

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If your finger nail gets into the scratch, then it's too deep to "fill" with the above products. This type of scratch needs a respray/touch up. If the scratch is not too deep, give G3 Pro scratch remover a go. It's been highly rated on detailing world, and by Auto Express.

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