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Rattling/grumbling Gearbox 2012 Mk3 7800 Miles


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Hi Folks

The Gearbox on my 1.6tdci 6 speed focus zetec has started rattling loudly/grumbling

It Mainly does it when the car is hot.

It is that loud people actually stop walking and point and stare.

1st to second is notchy and the car is juddery if u lift off the accelerator rapidly.

When reversing the noise is very obvious.

I can feel it through the clutch pedal when operating it.

Iam concerned this is happening at such a low mileage.

My girlfriend compares my car to a helicopter when idling.

You can feel the rattle through all gears at all speeds.

Could a bearing have collapsed in the gearbo (layshaft)


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