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Winter Wheels And Tyres - Mk3


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Afternoon All

Firstly, just to say 'Hi' as a new forum member. I'm due to pick up my Focus Estate at the weekend to join the club properly! :)

In the meantime, I wonder if you would be so kind to assist with a couple of queries (hopefully I'm not dragging up old topics!)

The last time I drove a Ford in the snow it was a rather agricultural Mustang in New York and while the Focus is far more dynamically composed, I'm keen not to repeat the many butt clenching moments when I travel up to the west coast of Scotland later this month. I therefore ask your advice concerning winter wheels and tyres.

I've had them fitted for the last couple of years to my other car but wonder if anyone recommends a particular type/brand for the Focus considering its FWD?

Is there any benefit in price dropping from the 17" size and getting second hand alloys / steelies on the 16" fitment?

In terms of second hand alloys, what will be compatible? Are modern fords all of a similar fit - ie. Will focus mk1/mk2 alloys fit the stud pattern, spacing and offset?

Sorry for all the questions on the first post - hopefully once accustomed to the new car I'll be a net contributor to the forum!

cheers all!

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Im considering winter tires too at the moment so cant help much there other than saying that from what ive seen while researching there are both 4 and 5 stud focus wheels kicking about on eBay. Mine (2005) is 5 stud, i think the 4 are from older modles. Someone correct me if im wrong.

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If you are dropping from the (standard) 17" alloy to 16" steel wheels you will need to compensate with a deeper sidewall profile so that the total diamater / radius of the tyre is the same.

If you don't, your speedo will not be accurate.

The Internet is full of comparison sites that can help you choose the correct tyre size.

At random I found this one:


Remember - its not about the size of the wheel, it's about the size of the tyre.

Check out this thread for more information

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Thanks for your help guys.

I'll be looking out for 16" 5 stud wheels with 108mm spacing which seem to be relatively common second hand.

I understand that the correct tyre size for these to be 205 55 R16 vs the original 215 50 R17 which according to the etyres calc, works out about 2.5% difference - nothing too major and I suspect within tolerances.

Just need to keep an eye on the load rating (current are 95) with speed rating (W) for winters less important

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