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Light Bulbs And Overall Front End.

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If you've read any of my posts up until now, you'll know I am in love with my new car. Only problem is, I had HIDs in my Audi A3, and I miss the white light from it when driving the focus at night.

Without buying an HID Kit, what bulbs can you guys recommend to give me a similar effect? If I were to buy a kit, I would prefer to go down the route of fitting whole new headlights with the lenses in as well - I wish to avoid this for the time being as it is still under warranty and want to avoid as many possible arguments with the dealer as possible!

Also, I'd be very tempted to change the grills for the Titanium trim grills with the chrome surrounds - would just make it look a bit prettier. If anyone can advise on that, please do so!

Will be interesting to read your thoughts.

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Lot of guys on here will be able to recommend brighter, whiter headlight bulbs. Have a search of the forum and you should find plenty. Osram and Philips are the two big players...think the names are Osram Cool Blue Intense or Philips X-treme Vision, but wait for people with first hand experience. The option of swapping out the headlights for genuine xenons is there too, but it'd be up to yourself then how 'legal' you wanted to stay in terms of fitting self-levelling and washers.

As for the grilles, look no further! Bargain!


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Haha, they have unfortunately been sold!

Your comments on the levelling etc are why I don't want to go to the extent of fitting a non-oem kit.

I'll look about for some comments from people who've used the bulbs and place an order I think - yellow light can make a car feel extremely cheap after you've had white light!

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