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Focus Mk2 Wingmirrors


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hi all

just a quick question

my bro had wingmirror smashed today and he needs to get a replacement

its the plastic housing that is smashed all the mec mirror cover and indicator is fine

the question is

can i but a wingmirror without indicator and put my one onto that or dose it all come attached ?

second if can do that is can i change the plastic that is round the glass and the plastic at the bottom of the wing mirror.


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EDIT: I had just started writing the reply below but have realised you've left out a valuable bit of info...what year is your bro's car as the Focus Mk2 mirrors from 05-08 are different from the facelifted (Mk2.5) ones from 08-11.

Not really sure exactly what parts you're sayin are ok and which are smashed...

The Mk2 pre-facelift unit is essentially made up of 4 parts;

- the housing, which has the internal mechanisms, the surround/frame, and the mounting plate which keeps it on the car.

- the mirror glass, which can be prised off with a bit of care.

- the indicator light unit.

- and the cover.

So to clarify, is it just the complete black plastic unit that is damaged? These are standard across the board, and even on the C-max I think, so you could get any mirror housing and transplant the existing indicator, cover and glass onto it.

The issue of that though will be that the wiring plug for mirrors without the indicator will be different.

Can you upload any pics mate? Would prob be your best bet to clarify and to let people help.

If it is a Mk2, I'm pretty sure I have a unit at home that I could offer you. I got it from an ST so it has the correct wiring plug you need. You'd just need to swap the cover and indicator onto it. Think it's driver's side though, which one are you after?

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Check out this guide of Charlie's he put up when retro-fitting indicators, has plenty of pics on it so should be of use to you to help identify exactly what you need.

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thanks gforce

its a 57 plate so its a mk2 non face lift

from your description its the housing, which has the internal mechanisms, the surround/frame, and the mounting plate which keeps it on the car.

but basicly as you sit in the car and look at the mirror its plastic surrond you can see that is smashed

i havent got a pic as he wanst home last night,

how much would you be looking for if you was to sell it yes its the drivers side.

thanks anthony

edit :

just looked at the guid and its 100% the housing you have said

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Not much at all mate. I got it as a spare and just used it as a donor ya see to take the indicator and cover off it to retro-fit them to mine. Was just holding onto it in case I needed it for spares myself sometime but it seems like it could be more use to your bro.

I'm working away from home today, but I should be able to root it out this evening and confirm that it is indeed driver side and will put a pic up of what I have to confirm if it's any good to you.

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Gforce seems to have you covered here

I also have a pair of wing mirrors that I took the covers n repeaters off. Would be an easy few second job to transplant your own covers n repeaters onto to make complete again.

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Here's a few pics of the spare mirror I have. As you can see from the pics, there's a bit of a crack in it, so maybe it's no good to you, but I'd say it could be glued together rightly.

Sure let me know what you think, you're welcome to it if it's any use to you.





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Totally understandable mate. I forgot about the crack in it. It's about an inch or so long, and as said could probably be glued and wouldn't notice. Yours for the cost of postage anyway if you're stuck, but Charlie should be able to sort you out.

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Try saying my name right and I might be able to help ;)

Had a really long day today sorry mate so I've only just got on the forums

Tomorrow I'll dig me spare mirrors out the garage n I'll upload some photos of what I've got.

It was a complete mirror with indicator on, that I've cut the indicator off and took the cover off.

So it would just be a case of simply wiring your own indicator on n clipping your cover on. Few second job.

Then it should be a plug and play job as it should already have the right sized plug on it.

But basically it's exactly as what gforce pictured above, except it doesn't have any cracks in I don't think and it still has the glass intact, although the glass does need a good clean as when I bought it it came with some sort of grease smeered all over glass from wherever it was stored.

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