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Hi all wish i could of joined this forum without having my first post as a problem.

Which is to do with the central locking this morning it was fine got the family ready unlocked the car put the kids in the set off shopping drove about 2.5 miles down the road to Asda parked up got the family out of the car locked it then went shopping came back to the car roughly an hour later unlocked the car but only the drivers door unlocked the other doors had to be unlocked from inside to open and the boot would not open at all.

I have a ford focus 1.6 tdci studio on a 56 plate when i bought the car i didn't get a key with unlock buttons on it i just got a plan old key been told today it is called the sister key. Can anybody please help im

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Hmm not sure on the boot, but there is a mode on the Focus where you can change which doors unlock when you press unlock on remote.

From memory, I believe the options are:

1) Unlocks all doors and boot

2) Unlocks driver door, and I believe boot. - Handy for someone like me with no family (don't need every door to unlock every time, it will only wear out the locking mechanisms.)

I think the way you activate the two modes is by holding the unlock button on your fob. There is some kind of combination. I would check your manual as it mentions it in there somewhere.

If you don't have a key with the buttons on, maybe you could try disconnecting the car battery and re-connecting? Otherwise, it looks like you might need to deal with a locksmith.

Hope that helps.

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