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Advice Required Regarding A Jan 04 Fiesta


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Hi all,

Just need a bit of help. Basically I am looking for a Fiesta as a first time car.

I went to go and see one this evening - red, Jan 04, 79k miles, £1995.

Basically, the paint was in an immaculate condition. Apart from the fact that he had sprayed the bumper due to some issue. He described it as if someone had reversed in a bollard.

The service history seemed a little off and on. The previous 2 services were at 25000 and a big gap to 50000. Then hasn't been serviced since.

The clutch had been recently replaced. Though when selecting reverse gear it would crunch and if not properly selected the gear box would grind. All other gears however were fine and engaged smoothly.

The inside was perfect and not damp in the foot wells. Nor in the boot.

I got a friend to have a look as he was a previous mechanic. The oil seemed a little diluted and looked as if there was some water inside.

He took off the oil filler cap, and there was blowing coming from the cap, including a smell of petrol and fumes. In fact, specs of oil hit him in the face whilst smelling the fumes.

So tell me is it a dud and should I stay away from it?

Cheers all


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Fuel in the oil usually means worn piston rings or a leaky injector.

There's no other way for them to mix like that.

It would probably need a top end strip to verify.

Missed services and oil changes would not have helped much in this respect.

Personally I'd give it a swerve.

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