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Suttle Changes?

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Hiya iv got a white fiesta metal and just wondering what mods you guys have done to your fiestas :) I don't mean drastic changes just little things, iv got wind deflectors and changed my badges to black already. Just curious as to what else would look quite smart without making drastic changes :) bare in mind I'm a girl that is a car novice haha ;)

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You could try adding footwell lights if you don't already have them. Most of the time the socket and wiring is already there, you just need to plug the bulb in. If you already have them, you could try changing the colour.

Popular colours are red, blue, and occasionally white and green, although there are some crazy ones like pink and multi-coloured flashing ones etc.

Alternatively, if you want to change the exterior, you could swap the bulbs. For example, you can get some bulbs with a slight blueish tint to the bulb. Perfectly road legal too. They are also a lot brighter than standard bulbs, so added safety.

If you're after performance mods, then you could try an air filter upgrade? Fairly simple to swap, and gives a few extra bhp.

I personally have fitted rear parking sensors, which were fairly easy. Only hard part was finding the correct wire to splice into, because 06 ghia focuses seem to have different wiring at the back, but hopefully you wouldn't have this problem.

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You can get footwell light bulbs?

The coloured badges for your wheels?

Spoiler extension?

Can't see in your pic but blacked out windows?

Nice looking car btw

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Thanks guys :) I have different coloured badges on my wheels that was my 1st change haha. That's a good idea think I will change my footwell lights next, I had white in my old zetec :) I had rear parking sensors to and I do miss them, I didn't realise how much I depended on them so that might be on the cards to :) lol my windows are tinted but I would like them a little darker :) oh and i fitted some blue'er bulbs the other day. I don't want to do drastic changes just little ones :) thanks I love it best car iv had :) thanks for the help guys much appreciated.

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