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Warranty Wise - For My Focus 1.8 Tdci


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http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/38543-focus-2007-18-tdci-slowly-falling-apart/ I have posted this thread as I had a few scares with my car lately and thankfully they was all basic fixes and the bearings was fine upon inspection. But given the circumstances I looked into 3rd party warranties. AA offered me a basic package after coming out to my car and from there I have done a quote with Warranty Direct & Warranty Wise. I decided this evening to pay the 1st quarter for a 12month policy with warranty wise. they asked me about 325 for full cover with a 5000 payout 50 per hour labor and no excess. Slightly better packaged than warranty direct. Given my car has done 86K and I do use it a lot for work I am hoping this warranty will come in use but I am still reading bad reviews but they date back to 2010. Does anyone have a policy with them and has anyone had a claim with them that they paid out on or didn't pay out on and why. I just want the protection that if my bearings flywheel or any expensive part on my car does fail will they foot the bill and pay for the repair or just do anything they can to avoid paying out.
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Apparently fly wheel is covered but dual mass isn't and I assume my focus is a dual mass fly wheel.

Will these type of insurance companies just blame everything on wear and tear cause my mileage is quite high hence why I want this cover but they shouldn't sell me the policy if my mileage is an issue.

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