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Focus Fault Code


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Had this code retrieved off my car earlier when i was using the torq app. ive had alternator replaced and charging stats are 12.4 not running, going upto 14.8 running, so thats charging as it should... but the light is intermitant, when the light is on i cannot use the front heated screen or the back screen, when light is off they can be used... My code is po625 - powertrain module, little research = Generator Field / F Terminal circuit low , but its charging at full wack.. so would this then take me to the smart charge thing??

Any replies welcome and thanks for reading....

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just being out again this time using the dash sweep, no dtc codes found. 13.7v under full load on tick over, and 14.1v full load on rev, just on tick over no load about 14 stable. does this sound right as im no sparky. both occasions batt light stable on

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