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Hi all Fiesta`s maniac`s :D

I recently bought a Mk 6 Fiesta with about 189k on the clock. Full service history and all.

I`m hearing horror stories of turbo`s blowing due to faulty injectors ?? Number 3 usally the problem ???

My question now is how do i prevent this. What can I do to minimise this risk off this happening ???

Any advice would be highly appreciated unsure.png



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The car has done quite a lot of miles to, everything has a shelf life, more than likely if it does break it's because it's had x amount of miles run through it

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Agreed - regular oil changes protects the engine/ turbo, - i notice that the recommended oil changes can "stretch" from 5k, to 6k and finally 10K - Fords recommended intervals - (though the last one is for fully synthetic oil)

So regular oil changes and quality oil - the other thing that helps the turbo is letting it spin down after a hard run/ letting it tickover for a minite (thats what turbo timers are for on turbo JDM cars)

The OP may have a point - exessive smoke/ carbon build up can clog/ coke up the variable vane mech/ turbine which can have a knock-on effect on the actuator etc, - This smoke/ carbon can be caused by faulty injectors, faulty EGR valve or other things (eg bad maps/ tuning boxes turned up too much/ fault elsewhere on the engine)

You can "fix" the EGR valve by blanking it (euro3/ 4) (im "pro" blanking plates )

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