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Focus Boot Handle

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Hi Guys,

I’m needing some advice on my new Focus, and hope one of you guys can help.

I’ve always had Fords, apart from a brief foray over to the darkside with Luton’s finest. This is my 3rd Focus, having had a Mk 1.5 and a Mk 2. Now I have a 2008 Titanium 1.8 TDCI with a sport pack.

The issue I’m having is with the boot, or tailgate, handle. This is chrome effect on the Titanium, and I noticed that there was a rubber part sticking out from under it, so I removed the handle to fix, and 2 of the fixing bolts have snapped off, presumably by the previous owner.

Is this a weak point? Is there a particular way of fitting this part to avoid this type of damage?

At £158 for a replacement, I don’t want to make the same mistake again!

Also, do you guys have any experience of what gaskets should be where under the handle?

Thanks for your help and advice.


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I can't recall any gasget under the boot handle when i removed mine which was a 2010 Titanium , but the trim was not Chrome as it had keyless entry , i think there were 4/5 bolts holding it on , where are they snapped is it the physical bolts or where the bolt screws in. Sounds like they over tightened them.

A breakers or Ebay might be cheaper if you need to replace it

Tip for tightening trim bits would be finger tight plus one turn should be ample when replacing

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It wasn't the actual bolts that were snapped, but the plastic housing they are seated in to. Looked like a severe case of over thightening.

When I say gaskey, it's more a rubber seal that stops water ingress.

I take your point about tightening, problem is they are nyloc nuts, so finger tight does not apply!

Thanks for the reply though, much appeciated.

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