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Constant Whineing Noise


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My car has developed a whineing noise, and i am 99.9% certain its coming from alt as done the trick with screaw driver on alt and ear to screaw driver., when i first start car a squeak can be heard coming from belt end of engine, this has allways done this, but whineing noise only happened 2 days ago.

A mate said he can change bearing in alt and this will solve it, saves buying new alt.

By the way it's a 2.0 zetec. 2000.

Is changing bearing an easy job.

and is it worth changing anything else whilst alt and belt is off.

Its just ticked over to 150 thosand miles.

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it was not the alt, it was alt belt tensioner pulley, tried all motor factors, they all only sold the full tensioner not just pulley, so I temporary put one on from a scrap car, untill i can source a new pulley wheel, car is nice and quiet again.

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