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Focus Mk2 Boot Hatch Noise And Needs Tighten-Up

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I've got a Focus MK2 (05 plate) 1.8tdci 5 door Titanium version. I noticed few things in the boot side on the car recently.

First the boot gas-struts are not rigid enough and sometimes do not hold the boot open and tends to close by gravity. I think I need to replace the gas-struts to hold the boot in the upright position sturdy and secure! Is it a common Focus thing or you recommend replacing them? Any instructions on here please?

Second is the boot catch is not securing the boot tight enough and when driving and driving on road bumps I keep hearing these squeaks and noices coming from back of the car and if I physically try to move the hatch door when locked i can feel it's not tighten securly. Do you have any instructions how to tighten the boot catch well and get rid of these noises please?

Third, I noticed a leak in the side of the boot but I think that needs to be sealed properly with silicone. I had MOT done last month and some of the bulbs needed replacing on that side and I think when they fitted the rear light back they didn't make that well.

Thanks and appreciate your help.


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okay the latch is easy remove the boot carpet then pull the plastic cover up on the rear that covers the sill it has 4 poppers with that off you get full access to the lock mark around it with a marker then loosen the torque screws either side now using the mark you made position the lock lower down not too much make sure its straight and re tighten now try the boot either it sits right or you will need to re adjust bit by bit till its correct

the lights remove each light and get good quality silicone i use marine sealant now the 2 areas where th escrews go into youll see a plastic cup with a foam seal cover the foam all around in silicone this stops it soaking up water now apply a nice blob on top of where thes crew goes into the cup and refit the light check the boot hinge also at the top they are usually not sealed at the top

as for the gas struts yes they will need replaced you get them cheap on ebay mate or a scrap yard close to you

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Thanks Pal...

Will do that after I'm back from holiday sunny MALTA :)...

Wish me luck.


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