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Focus Mk2.5 Painted Factory Browe Line


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Hi all,

Couldnt decide what thread to post this on so ive started a new one,

I was going to add it to the CSR light browe thread but since the CSR were an absolute disaster, i decided not to bump that thread any further.

So what ive gotten done,

Is to mask the factory hair line in the lens of the units and colour code the area with first applying plastic primer and then the colour coded paint followed by a laquor,

My local body shop expert done this fine job for me costing 3 weeks waiting time and 20 euro's cash.

Bargin in my eyes.












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Looks !Removed! good mate. He's made a nice job of it

Thanks mate,

I wasnt expecting to get the inside area done too, was a bonus aswell as the price would cost me that for 1 can of moon dust silver in Halfords.

I marked the line to stop above the indicator myself,

But i regret not going a bit lower to leave it inline with the bonnet opening, but i didnt want to block too much indicator encase of MOT failure.

As it currently is im 100% compliant but if it went lower then im unsure and could be open to question.

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Tidy indeed.

It definitely changes the whole flow line of the bonnet.

Looks very BMW now :P

Thanks... i think

Not seeing the bmw side but im happy with it, and thought id share the idea

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This is what I mean about the shape of the lights.

Like your lights a lot btw.



Looks very good Lenny , nice and chrisp lines. Better than the actual brows which did not fit.

Thanks guys,

I see what you mean Stoney lol ill be keeping the ford oval in the centre though.

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