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Key Gone Bad?!

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New to the forum... looks nice. Wife has a 2001 focus (facelift model) which we've had for 8 years, been a great car, very little trouble.

The car came with 2 keys, one with a remote button and the other not. Everything has been fine until the micro switch broke on the boot release button. So i bought a replacement key fob (3 in fact) off ebay... I did the ignition on and off 4 times, hear the beep then press unlock. this programmed 2 of the fobs to the car and all seemed fine...

an hour later the wife tries to start the car, and nothing... there's a red light above the digital time clock that flashes like crazy when the key is turned... I am assuming that the immobilizer is not being disarmed or something?

Fortunately the 'spare' key that has no keyfob has no problems starting the car.... so she is not stuck (and I am not completely in the !Removed! house!),,,

any ideas what could be wrong?

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The immobiliser and central locking parts of the key are seperate and need programming differently.

Get your two original keys, put them into the ignition, one after the other and turn from O to II and back once without starting the car then proceed to do the same for all your other keys.

This will programme them to the PATS immobiliser circuit and allow them to start the car.

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HI Stoney871

Thanks for the help.

The keys I have are the original ones that came with the car, the only thing I am replacing is the remote bit...

I can program the remote to unlock and lock the car no problems, but the key that we normally use which has the remote functionality, will not start the car.

the wife is out in the car at the moment, but I am pretty sure I tried one key after the other...

What could have caused it to stop working?

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The circuit side and the side with the transponder chip are on either side of the key.

The transponder is the part that operates the immobiliser (PATSII) circuit.

on your key it is a glass cylinder that sits inside a rubber tube and sticks out slightly as shown in the photo.

I would assume by your posts that you simply swapped the blade from one key case to another?

Try using the case half that has the transponder on it and attach it to the new RCL chip side.


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Smashing.... switched the transponder sides from original keyfob to the replacement one and it worked a treat!!!

Thanks you are a star!!


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