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Difference Between Mki & Mkii Focus

On Focus

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Thanks Clive, Trying to establish if mine is MKI or MKII, according to your images, its a MKI, new to Focus so was finding it hard.

Is there any difference on the rear would you know ?.


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The problem is that Ford do not use the Mk system at all.

They go purely by month/year.

If you go into Ford for parts they use your registration for reference.

Sellers on eBay often get the (non official) Mk system wrong and skip the 1.5 and 2.5 (or facelift) as many call them and it can be confusing unless you know exactly what you're looking for.

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Thanks guys for the additional details, I have established that i have the MKI registered on the 30/04/2004.

As this is a second car mainly for the wife,I need it up to spec, i need to get some work done on it. Been looking at engine sumps on eBay, where i found a chap with 100% feedback selling various parts and also what i need, as these sumps are around a £100 to buy new from other sources, i just wondered if buying the sump off eBay stated as new for £50, would it be up to speck or could it be a thinner build, any suggestions?.

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