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Aux Bluetooth Dongle

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Have seen some discussion regarding AUX cables in other thread and wanted to share with you my latest experience with AUX bluetooth dongle. I got tired of wires and connecting my phone to play music each time I get into the car.. After some research I found out that there is quite a lot of wireless solutions available. Did some reading and went for HTC A100 Car Audio Bridge. Below some pictures from the web, I did not take any pictures on my own.



Small device of pendrive size with built in battery that is supposed to last 5hrs playing music and 120hrs standby time when paired device is out of range, but I still turn it off if I'm not going anywhere within next couple of hours. Dongle can be charged via USB and still used while charging. All you do is simply plug it into AUX and pair it with your bluetooth enabled phone. Instead of connecting AUX cable you press little button on the device to turn it on and it pairs with your phone within seconds, hit play on your phone and enjoy music. I moved my AUX port next to heated rear window button long time ago and it appeared very handy now, but dongle can be used with any kind of 3.5mm jack extension cables in case of need. It will work in any audio system with AUX, also at home.

Now the best part - audio quality is very good, some even say it's better than when using AUX cable. Not really sure if I can write anything else regarding this matter :) I'm really happy with this gadget. During my days off last week I was driving around the town few times daily, till now I didn't have to charge it.

In case of incoming call voice can be heard on car Speakers. I'm not using this feature as I have BT handsfree kit in my car, phone is connected with both of them and if I receive phone call handsfree kit takes over AUX dongle.

Cheapest option to get it is amazon - 30 quid, ebay is much more expensive.

Some may say they prefer AUX cable for 1-2 quid as it is way cheaper and does not require charging from time to time and I will not argue with that, just wanted to present other available solution for those who like gadgets ;)

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Nice post I wish I knew about this a few weeks back. Had to get bluetooth fitted to a customers car out of my own pocket. This is £250 chaper than the option I had to go with.

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Thanks for this Pidu and for taking the time to share it!

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You are welcome. Two weeks ago I even did not know there are such things available. Hope this will be usefull for somebody.

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