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Noise, Only When Clutch Fully Depressed?

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Afternoon everyone,

New member, and just got my first Focus, so hoping I'm just being a bit paranoid here!

The car seems to run fine generally, but when I press the clutch pedal right down it seems to make a noise - I wouldn't describe it as a loud rattle or anything - but it is different from the engine note at idle with the clutch up? It only happens when the clutch is right down.

The clutch does feel quite high compared to my previous car, so I guess it's not a million miles away from replacement.

Apologies if I've described that a bit vaguely, I'll try and provide clarification if needed!

The car is a 2005 tdci, approx 77k miles.

Thanks in advance :)

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Could be the Dual Mass Flywheel on its way out

This had crossed my mind, but the car seems alright running in all gears, I have literally just noticed this when at a standstill. The car doesn't seem to be rattling or shuddering whilst driving, although I suppose it could be in the early stages?

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Clutch thrust bearing?

Apologies for the slow reply, but any chance you could elaborate on this? I've had a quick search around - I take it this still a job that would require the clutch out?

I've also noticed a slight rumble(?) when stationary in neutral maybe every 20-30 secs on average - would you say this is more likely to be flywheel related?

On another possibly related note, the car doesn't always start on the first attempt - perhaps 30% of the time. When it fails to do so, it always starts straight away second time. Is this common in Ford diesels?


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If it is the thrust bearing, then yes clutch out, its probably more cost efficient to replace the whole clutch at the same time depending on mileage. Not having experience of diesels, others may have different ideas as the DMF seems to have some issues. The starting problem you have doesn't sound related.

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