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Ford Focus Mk2.5 Face Lift Headlights


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Hello all first off happy Christmas to all. I have a question. Will the rs headlights fit to my focus. Mine is a zetec tdci. I'm wanting to put hids on put I wanted some headlights with projectors. And also will the motors still work for the levelling? Or it is a matter of a direct swap?

Many thanks


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Right ok then but how does everyone else get away with it. Surely having the projectors will concentrate the beam much better than a standard headlight. So is it a straight swap for the headlights or am I needing to do anything. And with the levelling motors work?

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All the parts for the washer system come to about £300 from ford. The levelling sensors can be sourced from breakers and eBay. The headlights them selves are a direct swap if you have the 10pin headlight loom. They won't work if you only have the 7 pin loom.

I have found them to be much more effective than the halogen ones, and can be manually adjusted using an Allen key until the sensors are fitted.

As a test I fitted one halogen and one bi xenon unit to see the difference and you would be amazed how different the beam pattern is. They are much more focused and have a crisp cut off line. As they project the light forwards instead of reflecting it, the actuall beam is a lot lower and less dazzling.

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