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Final Payment Letter Came Through.


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Hi all, need some input if anyone has any experience of this. Basically got the Fiesta the number of years back, since then lsot my job for a length of time ( Made Redundant), and so now the Final payment date letter arrived ( for April).My question is I don't have the money to hand really due to my circumstances, so is their any option to refinance the final payment with ford? Any input appreciated

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I have recently had this myself, 2 things to remember, a loan from a bank will probably mean lower rates and therefore payments, however if your credit score is not as good as it could be you may struggle to get a loan.

If you have to go with Ford they will tell you an interest rate, laugh at them and tell them the rates of bank loans, they will reduce the rate, keep pushing them, they have leeway, also try different dealers.

However once everything is finalised they will whack a £250 admin charge which bank loans dont have.

Basically if you can get a bank loan, try the comparison websites for the best deal.

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Thanks for the info, I would actually have an okay time getting a load, excellent record and nothing against me, however I will be out of work again at that time, so not sure how that could work, and usually banks give much better rate on a larger about, theirs a high interest in limbo at the 5k mark it seems, I have a few months to work it out. Its really calculating the best way to go about it.Of course theirs easier options...but even after this time I still really like the car lol.Just to add, I think it would be better value as in the 3 years ive only done 25k on it ( VERY easy miles) and kept it immaculate).

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