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Fiesta 1.4 Tdci

steve's fiesta

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I recently purchased a fiesta 1.4 tdci 2006 64000 miles.

day after getting it home, noticed rather a lot of smoke from exhaust and not running smooth.

Changed fuel and air filters

helped with smoke problem.

on cruising, engine feels as if got hickups, a bit more throttle and it runs smooth untill cruising again.

done a 150 mile run, returned 42 mpg ??

any help or ideas welcome PLEASE

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If its like the mondeo's it will depend if its a euro 3 or 4... if its a vacuum type as fitted on the euro 3 then you can just blank it and forget (although if its clogged up i would clean it out first)

but if its the euro 4 then it will be electronic and blanking it will bring up the eml light after a short while.

can anyone clarify if the fiesta will be the same for euro 3 and 4?

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The 1.4 is a vacuum type so you could blank it off with no problems. Check there is a small bore rubber pipe connected to it.

i drove it as if i;d stolen it for about 5 miles, sure enough curled out smoke for first couple then seemed alot better.

i decided today to have a go at bypassing egr

filters all removed revealed multi plug with lots of wires from top part, no vacuum pipe ???

all back together, abandoned.

will tackle valve clean out when more time to spare.

thanks for all the help n tips so far

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