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Smartcam Plus Radio Don't Play Together


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hi again chaps,

i again need your expert advice, i have a smartcam on my windscreen but when plugged in to the lighter socket the radio signal is lost.

leaving it unplgged is a no no as the batery life is not very long.

so do any of you chaps have any suggestions on how to solve this?

is there anything that i could get that helps as my little girl can't listen to her music ( no complaints from me on that one though )

again thanks in advance, billybob66. :) :)

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As well as the above is the earth wire in a decent position ? You could try moving the location of this if the above doesn't work. I had a similar problem with my last car, mk6 fiesta, I fitted the bi-xenon lights, and all was great with the radio,,, until I switched on the lights, when I also lost radio reception, not totally, but enough to make me want to put a cd on rather than listen to the crackling. I tried allsorts, but to no avail.

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cheers guys for your replies, looks like i will have to live with my problem or try and put in a new power supply for the camera.

as the radio and power supply are at one point so close together no matter where i put the camera i still have a problem.

looks like its no radio from now on, ho well not that much of a loss. :lol: :lol: :lol:

again cheers to all, billybob66. :D

ps, if i do find a way round it i will post back and let you know how, B)

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