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Rear Wiper Issue


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Hi All,

I have an issue with the rear wiper on my focus. Some time ago, the wiper started to play up on a particular setting. If I select the option for the wiper to automatically do 2-3 strokes and then stop, it only moves a small amount of the way across the rear window and then stops, in the wrong place. If I select the same option again, it will continue its stroke to the end of one side of the window and then return a small amount and then stop again. If I select the option where it will run continuously then there is no problem and it appears to function as normal.

I have already replaced the relay, thinking that this may be the cause, but this has not resolved the issue. However I did purchase the relay second hand from eBay so there may be every chance that this was sold to me already faulty.

I am guessing it could be the motor, but would this not also affect the wiper movement if the continuous option was selected.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I'd get the wiring in the tube between the roof and the hatch checked for breaks.

The wiring insulation gets brittle and with time and constant flexing will snap the wire inside.

I had this on a MK1 Focus and it arced over and blew the boot lock solenoid, third brake light and the wiper motor.

A bit of fiddling and some crimp connectors will do the job.

If you want a better job though i'd recommend you get patches soldered in instead as the wire tends to go black and this reduces conductivity.

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