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Car Engine Still Running Without The Key In The Ignition D:


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I had to just quickly move my car on my drive earlier today. I then turned off the ignition and took the key out, to find that the engine was still running. I put the key back in the ignition turned it forward and back again, this time the engine turned off. I tried starting the engine again, and now everything is working fine.

Any idea wtf happened? Has anyone else ever experienced this on their Focus?

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Also check your oil level , if its low then it could be running on oil , which could be from a failing oil seals or turbo.

Just check to make sure it's not this , if you think this could be the problem do not run the car as "Engine Run away " could happen.

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I hope it's not oil related :S I did check the level a couple of weeks ago, but I'll check again tomorrow (fingers crossed!).

For now I wish to believe that it was caused by what Clive said :P

That Diesel engine runaway sounds a bit scary, I just read up on it.

Thanks for the info guys!

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