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1.6 Tdci Few Questions About Cam Belt And Engine Noise

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So, after 450 000km i decided to change my old loyal warhorse (-03 TDCi mondeo) to newer one, and picked up this Focus.

It's 290 000 driven and has full service history from the main importer. 55 plate i guess (cant figure out the VIN)

First of all: Is the cam driven by chain, or by belt? Tryed googling it and you find very misleading information. So far what i've figured out that there was 2 version of the 1.6 TDCi, one whit belt, one whit chain. Checked etis, and it only gave me that it was build in Saarlouis germany.

Checked the service history, and the service program that etis gives me, and it says cam belt needs to be changed every 200 000km... Witch is hell of a lot for a belt (i would crap my pants if i knew my car has cam belt driven over 40k), witch points towards chain... but then, the cam drive case is made out of plastic instead of metal, witch normaly points towards that its belt driven... ?!

According to the service record, the "belt" and waterpump was changed at 220 000km, so i guess i still got some mileago to cover before i need to rip it open, but would be nice to know.

Second: Any ideas, the car idles nicely, and runs nicely, no externall noises... Exept when you accelerate in 1:st or 2:nd gear over 3000rpm, you hear somesort subdued "knocking". from 800 to 2900rpm nothing, and after 3000 it comes out. Nothing that bad that it alarms me, but i would like to know what could cause it.

Thats all so far, tho, gotta love how this thing drives smile.png

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Excellent font colour choice haha.

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