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Mk4 Locking / Alarm


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Afternoon all,

Hope you are all well and enjoying 2013!

I have a couple of questions for you if you dont mind.

I recently bagged a 98 (S) Fiesta MK4 Ghia for my mum at a decent price.

She went to remote lock it the other day, and instead of locking the car, it kept giving her a series of beeps from the boot area (assume the alarm) depending on what button she pressed (i seem to recall it was 3 when she tried to lock it, and 2 when she tried to unlock it),...and while this was happening, the car did not lock or unlock, was just beeping? Does anyone know what this is, or why it may have done it?

I have now cleaned out the locks and all seems to be ok. The remote fob also uses the older 2 button type keyfob and have attached a picture for clarification.

Can I replace this keyfob with the 'typical' 3 button series (I know the boot release wont work)?

If not, is there anyway I can increase the remote range and responsiveness?




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