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Andy H Dibley

Oh Deer!

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Happened just before xmas, but seeing as I couldn't log on I wasn't able to post.

Anyway, set the scene... coming home from the pub in the small hours (I work there and don't drink at all, so before you get any ideas!) was on my road and only about 1/2mile from my door, theres a slight dip before hand where you go over the peak and down the dip, for a moment you can't see whats ahead. As I went down the dip I saw a set of eyes go from myside of the road to the other. I slowed down, but the eyes disapeared. As my lights lit up the road aheads, there I see a deer now heading back across to my side of the road, only about 20 ft in front of me. I hit the ancors and swerve slightly to the left, hoping it would go back across the road the way it came. It didn't

I ended up collecting the deer at a fair old rate (around 30mph) and it went straight through my lower grill. I stopped and looked, but I could for the life of me see where the creature had gone. Returning to the front of the car, I could see there was a fair amount of damage, but only when I managed to get it home did it become apparently that it had done a bit more than just break the radiator.





In all, it busted the air con condensor, the radiator, the lower grill, the front undertray, the fan shroud, reverse light switch and the oil pressure switch.

Ended up getting it towed into my friendly indy who assessed it for me. Being only 24 I have got Fully comp but I wasn't prepared to take the reaming I would get for a claim so I took this one on the chin.


Was a bit of a bad timing just before Christmas, but luckily the garage managed to turn it around in two days and I had the car over the holiday period. Hasn't missed a beat yet thankfully.


Sporting an illegal number plate I know, but had to have something until the new one arrived.

So anyway, moral of the story. If you see any creatures of the night, SLOW DOWN, and STOP! These buggers are out there to get us!

The really annoying thing is I had circled that amount to go towards modding the car this year.

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You're lucky, had a colleague when I was working in America killed when a white tail deer came through his windscreen and impaled him to his seat with its antlers.

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yep youre lucky the roads i drive to work are full of deer and ive seen a few nasty ones luckily ive only had one jump a fence next to a field at night and i just managed to avoid it

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