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6000 Cd Radio -Trying To Get 3.5Mm Input


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I have a 6000 cd radio (says cd changer compatable) and i belive its possible to get 3.5mm out through aux ?

The green connector on back is the aux input ?

Found this on eBay



but says i need this one below as i dont have a aux button


Only thing that confuses me is it says "To Access the new AUX feature you will need to press the CDC button"

I cant find a CDC button !!!

Also is there any thing special in that box for £45 ?

Can i not just make a lead from 3.5mm and solder wire to pins or use connectors?



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That cable you first linked to is for the radios in a Mk2/2.5 so won't fit yours.

What you need is-


Btw, I think the button they are trying to refer to is the CD changer button which would operate an optional 6 disc changer that was installed under the passenger seat on some focus.

The connector box in the link above is seen by the radio as a CD changer.

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