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Ford Fiesta Courier Van 1.8 Td Endura Engine

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I have a 2002 ford fiesta courier van 1.8 turbo diesel endura engine. A week ago I parked the van in my drive after using it all day. The next morning it refused to start, just turned over but wold not fire. The glow plug light on the dash was flashing. Connected a test bulb to glow plus to check relay works OK. Next checked glow plugs and found all 4 not working (very strange that all four should fail together). Replaced all four and the engine started first thing and glow plug light stopped flashing. I left the van running for 30 minutes then turned it off. The following morning it would not start again and the glow plug light was flashing. The symptoms are the engine fires but wont run on and the power steering electric motor by the radiator runs on for about 30 seconds. Left van in disgust for two days and when I tried to start it, it started first time with no flashing glow plug light. Used it all day with no problems. The next day it would not start - same symptoms. Took the EGR valve off and checked was opening OK and cleaned it.

Has anyone had this problem or any idea on what could be wrong. The diagnostic said pump but dont believe that as after diagnostic the engine ran all day.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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