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Replacing The 6006Cdc Stereo - Help Needed

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Hope someone can help me.

I have a 2006 S Max with a CDC 6006 stereo and want to replace it with a unit like this:


I was hoping that I could just take out the 6006 one with some removal keys and put the Sony in – however it looks like it’s a different size.

I think I need a kit like this to do it:


Does anyone know the best way to replace the stereo and do I just need this sort of kit to do it – it looks a very complicated kit.

Apologies for my ignorance here – I have replaced a normal single-DIN radio before but never a double din and don’t want to mess the installation up.

I would really appreciate any help, advice, info or pointers anyone has.

Many thanks!


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I am also looking at something like this:


As this looks like it will exactly fit the slot in the S Max with no extra fascia or adapters needed – so it might be a lot easier to install?

However as its an unknown brand to me and looks like a Chinese import – I’m not sure what it will be like.

Basically, I’m looking for something that integrates with the ipod well and can play DVD’s and avi/mpeg video files.

Thanks again everyone for all your help,

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Yes you need to fit a fascia adaptor to fit an aftermarket double-din headunit like the sony you mention.

The chinese one will be a straight fit (no adaptor required) but reviews of these units are mixed and they're generally considered to be fairly poor quality.

Bear in mind that by fitting a non-Ford headunit, you will lose compatibility with bluetooth / voice control (if you have it) convers+ / dashboard display and possibly steering wheel control.

Many owners have been through these options, and many end up putting an upgraded Ford unit in - the Ford/Blaupunkt "FX" unit being the easiest to retro fit and incorporating better sound quality & full-colour sat-nav.

Can buy them 2nd-hand from ebay for approx £300-£400.

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Thanks for the info – really helpful.

I tried to find reviews of the Chinese one but couldn’t as not sure of the model number – do you know where you came across any reviews so I can have a look? Thanks

I don’t currently have blue tooth or voice control so that wouldn’t be a problem and the dash only displays the radio station name. I would miss the steering wheel control for volume etc. though.

Apparently an ebay seller called iceboxautos are able to get someone local to supply this unit and keep the steering controls.

Thanks for the suggestion of Ford/Blaupunkt "FX" but am not sure which one that is and can’t find it on ebay – are you able to post a link to it?

Thanks so much – I know that’s asking for a lot of help but really appreciate it.


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The reviews I have read are posts on the smax owners club forum. They are not model specific but they all seem to conclude that the chinese models (whichever one you buy) are fairly clunky in operation and have reliability issues.

The FX unit is available on ebay between £250 to £700 currently. Depending on what car it's been removed from, will depend whether it has a square fascia (direct replacement for your 6006cdc) or an oval fascia (which means you will need to replace the centre console panel with the later version with the oval radio hole- but this is only about £30 from Ford).

Here are some examples I found:

Square fasica so direct replacement:



Oval fasica so would require a new centre panel:










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Just thought I would jump in on this as I am looking to do the same on my 61 plate smax titanium.

If I pick up one of the ford sat nav head units as above what additional wiring would I need to do or is it just plug and play?

Also once its in will it link up with the convers display, bluetooth, USB and aux inputs and be exactly as if it was factory fit from ford?


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Plug and play - the only bit of "wiring" you will need is that you will need to buy a GPS antenna if you plan to use the NAV - and you will need to place it somewhere - but it will just plug in at the back of the unit.

Should be factory link with steering wheel, USB, bluetooth & voice control (if you have them) and it will display radio details on the Conves+ but you will need to get it programmed on an IDS machine if you want the NAV instructions to appear on convers.

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