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Breaks & Steering Issue


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So i've just recently replaced the two front tyres at national auto centre because i had a bulge and a nail in the front left tyre. I've been through quite a few if you've read my previous posts just so much trash in the road, that or my car's a magnet to trash. I had the balance and the alignment done i think the document said alignment was 3.1 reset to 1.1. Reciepts in the car with tyre guarantee.

So after i had both tyres replaced a few days later the steering starts creeking and we have had alot of rain. I've taken it on the motorway and the car drives so smooth with the AVON ZV5's. 195/45 16's. Much better improvement over Hankook (bleaked with bad luck with these) I sometimes felt like the car was sometimes pulling to the right. So i went back to national auto tyres and they tested it and the balance and alignment are PERFECT, but when he breaked the car slightly leaned to the right at times. OK. I'm sure when they had it up on the pit they would check for joints and stuff and never mentioned it.

So if the car is slightly pulling to one side while breaking, the right in this case. Whats the cause?

Creeking in the steering column when turning left and right i'm assuming a little grease could fix this. From a little search i'd rather wait for all the rain to stop and let it dry before taking it to ford for grease.

He also mentioned the steering felt stiff to him. Feels fine to me but idk how many Fiesta's he's drove.

I did have the steering rod/joint replaced a couple of days after purchase bumped a pavement at a decent speed but alloy survived but the steering rod was bent. 250pound repair.

2nd service is coming up in Feb.

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Can't imagine it being break bind unless they are only slightly binding. Car still rolls down the hill on it's own also just noticed that unless i slam on the breaks, only then it does slightly itch towards the right. Creeking is at it's worse in the rain as it wasn't so bad now that it's starting to dry outside. I think it all just needs some grease to loosen some of the parts up as i think all this rain has dried them out. Might take it to rapid fit ford tomorrow and have them double check the steering column and rods and suspension.

I'm unsure but when i checked the receipt of my little accident in 2011 i never saw any alignment on the bill even though i specifically asked for the tyres to be re-aligned and balanced with the repair. This is why i replaced both front because the one on the right had worn down more on one side + balance & alignment.

Accident was (Passenger front side < Left).

Just an odd issue but i'll get a second opinion this time. If they say everything is fine and just needs a little grease it can wait till feb service. Here is hoping.

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