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Number Plate


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Mine are drilled, the rear ones when I got the car were wonky and the screws were too tight.

Tried removing them to position the plate properly and promptly snapped out the aluminium plugs behind the hatch.

Bit of metal putty and better screws tidied up the job.

Actually tempted to get a set of locking plate holders off the bay and fit them instead.

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The ones on my Fiesta are drilled. I had to have the back one re-done though as it was bulging badly.

I bought some anti-theft number plate screws as they had only used ugly steel heads, which were too big for the caps. Funny thing was, I then realised why they had used such big screws, the holes in the front grille for the plates had burred and were almost useless.

I ended up following iNath's guide to remove the front grille, so I could put some make shift plugs on the pack to hold it securely. No doubt they will fall off, if someone ever tries to change the plates :lol:

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