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Mk6 Front Wheel Squeak

Mark Akers

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Hey all, ANOTHER problem with my mk6 Fez!

Not really too sure on this one- when I turn the front wheels RIGHT, at slow speed or static, there is a squeaking noise that sounds like it is coming from inside the car? But left is fine? And it's also fine once I get above 10mph!

Thanks, Mark


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i get this too on my mk7, however mine happens when i turn left and right at low speeds. not sure if it happens at faster speeds as i cant really hear it lol.

i dont know what it is but i looked on the net and it either could be rubbish such as small stones stuck between the breaks pads and discs or the breaks are not on properly but dont wuote me on that.

a way to check if it is a stone it to look at the discs between your wheels and see if there is a little grove quite possibly


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Hi Luke,

Thanks for the reply I will check this soon when I go out to my car.

Glad to hear someone else is having a similar problem lol!

I'm fairly sure though it isn't something too major as if it was I might've felt the steering drag or other things?


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come to think of it mine has always pulled a little bit

but the squeek is annoying. im no mechanic see so i dont want to go dismantelling the breaks just in case i break them lol

ill wait and see if it gets louder then get it checked. its been like it for ages and i do motorway miles every day and travel to wales every month so surely if something were to go wrong it would have by now. it only went in for MOT in oct and due another service in april/may so i shall wait and see.


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