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TomTom ZS

Fiesta Mk6 Zs Annoying Safety Feature ...

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My mk6 ZS has a feature where the hazard lights come on and flash a few times under hard braking. This is a great safety feature during daily driving in case I ever have to do an emergency stop ..

However I took my ZS round Curburough Sprint track a week or so ago, had great fun and really got to push the car to its handling limits without endangering people by doing it on public roads! And it kept doing its lovely safety feature of flashing the hazard lights every time I broke hard for the first corner (much to the amusement of the guys watching !)

Is there an easy was to temporarily disable this feature?

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Hi mate

nice car!

I cant remember that far back but i thought it would be something done with the trip computer button? In the 'Settings' bit?

If notm press and hold the menu button and see what happens?

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From the Fiesta manual:

Personalised settings

The following personalised settings

are available on the Message


• Remote unlocking

The vehicle can be set to unlock

only the driver’s door or to unlock

all doors when the button is

pressed once.

• Lane change indicators

The direction indicators can be set

to flash three times when the

multifunction lever is tapped up or


• Radio display

The Message Centre can display

some audio system information.

• Hazards on heavy braking

The hazard light can be set to flash

automatically if the brakes are

applied abruptly (e.g. emergency


• Chimes

Some of the convinience chimes

can be deactivated.

• Language menu

Different languages can be chosen

to be used for the display.

Look at page 7 of the following PDF:


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