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Fiesta Heaters Always Blowing Hot!


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ok well i expect a lot of you know exactly what im talking about, as ive been told its a common problem! basically even when the heaters are on cold it still blows out hot, and it can get really un-bearable. ive heard that its something to do with the heater valve? if it is, is it something i can do myself? unless any of you might know another problem, im open to any diagnosis.

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It's probably your Heater Control Valve (or HCV for short)

Go to Ford to get one as the eBay / pattern parts are of dubious quality. Also getting it from Ford, should it fail within 12 months, (not uncommon) they should replace it free of charge (well my one does :P )

Ford's latest HCV is Finis Code 1714716 (7N21 18495 AC)

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Probably about £40 (depeding on our dealer) and I can do one in about 10 mins on a Puma (same as the fiesta) 4 pipes to take off / reconnect and an electrical connector.

Blatently stolen image from my forum:


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