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Hi there all,

I have a ford fiesta Finesse 2002. 1.2 engine.. now im having a bit of a problemm. the water doesn't seem to be pumping around the system, pipes around the thermostat are getting hot but nowhere else is, water in radiator is stone cold.and the heaters only blow cold air.. and it is now leaking oil.. any suggestions appreciated.

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Less than 20 pounds for thermostat,

Worth replaciñg water temp sensor at the same time, buy both for less than 30 pounds,

Labour could be around 50 pounds depending on mechanic.

Fitting time less than one hour.

Avoid long journeys until repaired.

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is the engine overheating or temperature creeping up high on the gauge?

if all the pipes are stone cold, then it could be the water pump. the pipes to the heater matrix should still be getting hot even if the thermostat is shut - although the heaters blowing cold air could be something totally different

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