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Coolant Leak


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Ever since I've had my car (from new, 2 and a bit years now) the coolant level has remained at the midpoint, right where the join in the tank is. When I checked last week the level had dropped slightly and it was near the min mark. I've just checked again now and it's on if not slightly below the min line. I can't see any signs of leakage on the pipes or tank by looking down into the engine bay, but I'm guessing there is a leak somewhere and it's not just contracting because of the cold. I should probably take it into a garage, but is there anywhere else I can check for possible leaks?

Hopefully it's not in the heater matrix pipes and leaking inside the car or getting round the head gasket!


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Unscrew the oil filler cap. If coolant is getting in the oil (blown head gasket) then you can often see a white scum on the underside of the cap

Checked the coolant cap is on nice and tight, could be something simple like that.

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