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Does anyone know why the message chimes on stalk keep going to the off position?, it does this every 2 days or so.

Many Thanks


2007 2.0L tdci

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shouldnt do unless you select it mate mines been on for about a year now has the battery got low anything else changed?

not meaning youre daft or anything but when you selectthe chimes to on you press the end button again scroll to exit and end button again back to the main screen if so ive no idea other than the battery running low

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It sounds like your settings are not being saved.

Are you using different keys to start the car?

User settings can be saved to individual keys i.e. steering settings and such like.

This is so different drivers can have personal settings.

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Good call by artscot,

either that, or as silly as it sounds... are you actually saving the settings when you exit, or are you just driving off? if you dont click save... this could be the more obvious answer...

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