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Engine Coolant


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My Dad told me that my Fiesta's engine coolant was at the min mark and he topped it up. The stuff he topped it up with was blue, which is different to the orange/pink coloured stuff that was already in it.

Does this affect the car that much as it is a different colour or is it OK to do this?



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Thanks btmaldon, wasn't quite sure because I've heard that there are 2 different types of coolant. The car is due a service in 2 weeks so I'll be checking with them. :)

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The pink stuff is extended life (OAT or Organic Acid Technology) it has a lifespan of 5 years or even the lifespan of the car/ engine, it is the type supplied with modern Fords

The blue stuff is probably traditional anti-freeze, IAT or Inorganic Acid Technology, it has a lifespan of 2-3years max, (it breaks down over time losing its effectiveness as a rust inhibitor etc)

You may have "got away" with only adding a small amount, but technically the two should not be mixed, as the IAT can react with the OAT making it cloudy and contaminating the orange/ OAT anti-freeze reducing its lifespan -

(from a source) -

" Extended Life (OAT) antifreeze is NOT compatible with conventional (IAT) antifreeze. Aside from discoloration of antifreeze when the two are mixed together, a chemical reaction is caused when the carboxylate salts are mixed with the inorganic salts and caustics found in conventional antifreeze. If they are mixed, the antifreeze can become cloudy, precipitation can generate and the coolant will lose it’s extended life properties"

Apart from the anti- freeze properties of the coolant, it is a rust inhibitor, all the steel, alloy insides of the engine are protected by the anti-freeze, if the colour goes brown, that can indicate rust, if it does this, probably a good idea to flush out the old coolant and replace it with new (all pink) stuff

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