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Tdci Fiesta 1.6 56


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Mountune md270 kit will get you to 115 hp and 270nm torque about £300 fitted team with a good exhaust system will get you some more.

Just have a good exhaust and air filter plus a remap at other places like Celtic tuning or rs tuning may get you more than 120bhp

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Possibly something to look at before a remap - I've heard that the focus 110ps injectors can be used as a direct replacement for your current 90ps ones (best check up on this as I'm not talking from experience). I'd have a look at that first, because if they do fit then you would need a remap to make them work properly (you wouldn't be able to drive around with them fitted and no remap). It would mean that you would need a real custom remap instead of a stock one that the company use for every Fiesta. And the combination would probably get you close to 140 hp

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Focus 115PS injectors (1.6)

Front mount intercooler

High flow downpipe

Cat-back system

Sports cat

Hybrid Turbocharger


Looking at a lot of power there. Could bypass the cat instead and save £500, but there is the legal requirement.

Depends on budget, but injectors and a remap will bring you about 140bhp (based off 115PS remaps on Focus').

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