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Wath Will It Take To Get The 2013 Look On My 2011 Fiesta.


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can i.e. get the 2013 fiesta look, on my 2011 fiesta.

will they fit, and is it plug and play fit.

the bonnet, front bumper, headlight,

with aut change the front fenders.

it looks like the front fender, is the same on the new fiesta.

just something I've thought about, if my car got a front damage.


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If its anything like the mk6 and the mk6 facelift yeah it should be a straight swap. Cant say im a fan of the 2013 bumper/fender though personally id either stick with the front bumper that you've got or go for the ST bumper/fender which look alot nicer. Someone posted a pic of the ST bumper not long ago I'll try and find the link for you

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The fenders are different by the way if you changed the bumper you would have to change that aswel. Same with the bonnet if you changed that youd have to change the headlights. If you look the headlights are a different shape so the existing bonnet wouldnt fit with the new lights

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ie now that the front light will have to be change, but are uoy sure about the fenders.

Yes definately. Like I said it will be possible if you realy want to but personally if stick with what youve got or go for the ST bumper/fender

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