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Fiesta St Headlamps (2013)


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Hey folks, I've been looking around at facelift Fiesta's because I'm probably going to be ordering a new one on Friday and was seeing if I could find what bulbs are in the DRL's on them, when I cam across the ST.

It seems the ST is getting dual projectors, a completely different DRL style as well as what looks to be LED indicators. Anyone able to shine any light on this? Might be a tasty upgrade you see :P


- Thanks.


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The blurb says the base ST has "Halogen Projector headlamps" and the ST2 has additional "LED Daytime running lamps"

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Hmm, same as the Titanium. Convinced me a dual projector wouldn't look so bad though for a future project.

The LED lights are nothing special, they're the same as the non LED ones, just they have different bulbs. Lol.

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It's an &#33;Removed&#33; to retrofit them, despite how companies say it's easy. Never looks right >.<

I doubt it'll be an option or it probably would be already :/

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