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The 2012 Fiesta 1.25 82 Hp Engine Air Filter?


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Must sound a stupid question i know all cars are supposed to have one but, I just had the yearly / or 20000 kms service done here in France, no mention on my receipt of a change having taken place.

When I look at the handbook, it is shown but with "no maintenance required"

What's going on here? lol

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Thanks for your reply.

The filter box was dusty and showed no evidence of having been even touched, however have to go back on Moday to have a new DS door seal rubber fitted, can't see how this will cure the rattle inside the door?

Plus they put Bardahl in the tank as a part of the service of 300 euros and used an oil called Titan when Ford recommend Castrol!

Don't completely trust this dealer, will keep an eye on them

Thanks again


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