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Door Seals Peeling ....again Grrrrrrr !!!


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So... after my November 'fix' new style door seals, here we are again.

My 4th repair under warranty for my '61 plate Zetec, booked in for 18th Feb.

If the dealer offers yet another 'Blue Peter double sided sticky tape fix', I really am going to tell them to stick it where the sun dont shine !

It might only be door rubbers to some owners, but Im just about annoyed with the poor quality......this will be my LAST Fiesta !

Rant over....and OUT !

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Think Ford have given up on these as well. Remember reading on here that the new facelift model hasn't got the old design of seals. Hoping someone can clarify this.

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Nothing gained here!

Drivers door rubber was meant to be replaced rang me to say come in it has arrived, 1 hour later they didn't have to replace it after all... some new idea using glue from what i could understand.

It still tucks in under the pillar on this side and gives a noise when opening the door; and will wear out again in a flash. Two calls from women since one from the dealership the other from... Ford?? asking if I am happy, no (said my wife on my behalf ) so now I have to fill in some !Removed! form they are going to send me!

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I fixed mine myself and its been fine since smile.png

Hi What did you use to fix yours? I have tried superglue and it came off again. It has been back countless times and been re sealed and the seal has come off yet again. My car is just out of the 3 year warranty end of Aug :(

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