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Focus Drl For Mk 2.5

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post to this forum but i've been reading it a while.

I've decided to add a mod to my focus and i've chose to add LED DRLs. I've done my research and picked the ones that go into the fog surround, like so many other people have. Problem is the wiring isn't like the ones i've seen in preee's guide.

I'm okay at fitting the LEDs into the surround, and doing the manual work, but when it comes to electronics I'm completely clueless.

My set has 4 wires, red, black, yellow and white. I understand the red and black go to the battery, but as for the yellow and the white my instructions only say to "connect" the yellow to switched live, and white to main headlight beam. I've no idea what it means by connect, as the wires have no connections so I assume i'm going to need to go and buy some sort of connections? From what i've read about splicing, my understanding is to join two wires together from two ends, but I cant see how that will work with my set. Forgive my ignorance if coming across as dumb, but when it comes to this I am!

I've attached a photo of the 4 wires I have. Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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Hello herbigrey,

Im in a simlar position to you regarding the wires. Did you ever get a response on which wires to connect the yellow and white ones too? and where abouts in the car to find these?



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so you have three wires, primarily.

White one tends to be the auto off switch - this connects to the sidelight wire in a three wire assembly, or, in some DRL kits, this would otherwise connect to the main beam wires.

Red one seems to be permenant live, so you would attach that to an ignition source (look at a piggy back conncetor and hijack the engine sensors in the engine fusebox

Black would be the neutral, in which case, you would connect that to the negative terminal of the battery.

Yellow is a tricky one, as it can sometimes be a dulling wire, so you would potentially connect that to the sidelights, so that when any of your lights are turned on, the DRL's dim down to 50% brightness.

As far as connecting is concerned, there are ways and means, I used Spade (male and female) connectors to connect the wires,

Just cut the ends off (as most of the time they dont have the correct fitment) then attech the male / female end to the wire, and the opposite to the other wire your attaching it to. Then use heat shrink over them to seal them off from the elements.

So the structure is:

Battery Negative - Black wire on the Auto Off harness

Piggy Back plug - engine sensors from auxhillary bay, to positive wire on the Auto Off Harnass

Red Wire/s - from the DRL light itself, to the Positive auto off harness

Black Wire/s - from the DRL light itself, to the negative auto off harness

White Wire - from the DRL harnass, to splice into the terminating wire (be this sidelight or headlight)

Yellow Wire - If such a "dulling wire" exists, then this splices into the sidelight so that the light dims as appropriate.

The easiest way to splice into these wires for those who are entirely new to electrics is a case of taking a pen knife and placing the wire between the knife and your thumb, then apply a fair amount of pressure as you rotate the wire / knife / thumb around it to score into the wire. then use your thumb nail to pull the top layer of insulation away about 1mm or so, this then shows the copper wire.

Wrap the appropriate wire around this, then twist the wires aroundso that it remains secure, and then wrap some electrical tape around the connections to keep them secure.

Hope this helps!

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