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Iphone 5 With Sony 6 Cd Dabin Mondeo Titanium 2010

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Hello All

I'm new to this forum so I'd like to say hello to everyone. I'm just about to buy my mates 2010 Mondeo Titanium 140. It has the Sony 6 CD DAB system in it. I've been having a mess about with the ipod & iPhone 5 connectivity. There is the AUX & the USB sockets in the glovebox. The ipod works fine with an after market Y lead but I'm having some problems with the iPhone 5. Streaming via bluetooth is fine but connecting via cable is problematic.

The phone can be seen as an ipod and you can select tracks, albums, artists & playlists but there is no audio coming through the Speakers. This is connecting with the USB to Lightning cable. It's also the same with the Y cable

Having read a thread in the Focus forum I understand there is probably a firmware update I can do using a USB stick. How do I find out what firmware is already on my unit?

Can anyone confirm that an iPone 5 works just using the USB to lightning lead please?

The way it is at the moment & I think this is since the last ios update on the phone but on the Alpine head unit in my other car, you can now control the music through the phone instead of it being locked to be only controled via the head unit. This is also the case in the Mondeo. If I hit the play button on the iPhone you get a split second of sound and then it pauses. I'm sure that this can work.

Any ideas please?

Thanks all


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Hi and welcome to the forum,

I have removed your other thread, you should only start one thread for what you want to discuss and this is the best place for it :)

Take a look here, it has the info and downloads for updating the USB/Bluetooth software in Fords:


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Hi everyone

I have the exact same problem as Michael with my 2010 Mondeo Titanium.

I can get my iPhone 5S (ios8.1) to connect via bluetooth and play music but I can only see the name of the track which is currently playing... No browsing facility.

When I plus in the USB cable, the iPod interface on the car lets me browse all of the music but it does not let me play.... For your information, I am using Spotify for music playback.

I only bought the car last week and have not yet upgraded the car firmware.

Anyone else had this problem ?

Many thanks


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