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Please Help, Advice Needed On Dpf


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Evening all, I've got a 2007 07 2.0 tdci titanium x with currently 69k on the clock. Last night my dashboard warning flagged up the message service oil with a spanner symbol. I checked the oil and the level is fine, so was wondering if this is my cars way of telling me my dpf needs some sort of attention? I do a fair amount of miles a year, roughly 22k and have read that my dpf fluid needs topping at around 70-75k miles. How will I know if this is the warning?

Thanks in advance.


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Just means the oil is due a change. If you disagree:

Turn the ignition to position 2, then press and hold both the brake and accelerator for about ten seconds - that'll turn the service warning off.

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Gonna bump this one up again instead of starting a new thread.

My car was serviced around 4k miles ago and the service light was reset.

This morning, the "service Oil" message came up on the dash again.

Surely it doesn't need serviced again after only 4k miles??

I've heard it mentioned that these cars (2009 MK4 TX Sport 2.2) can have a sensitive sensor of some sort that can throw this message up randomly. Is this the case?

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