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Sot Lead For Visteon/denso Sat Nav Head Unit.

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I'm fitting a bluetooth Parrot kit to my Dads '04 Mondeo Ghia with the following head unit in it, anyone know which adaptor lead (SOT Lead) I require or have a picture of the connector(s)..?


I've had a look on the net but can't find anything definite & he lives about an hour away so trying to avoid a drive over just to take the unit out & check which connector type it is.

Any help much appreciated :-)

Thanks, Ian.

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This is the back of mine with is similar: (mine has dual zone air con but the same otherwise)




So perhaps something like this would fit?

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Thanks Dal, that's great :-)

Looks like its the quadlock connector.

The link seems to be for a connector to fit an aftermarket headunit but plenty of sot leads on eBay.

Thanks again for your help.

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Thanks :-)

I was wondering what the letter on the end of the 092 denoted & now see that it allows the steering wheel controls to continue working.

Cheers for the help guys.

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Sorry to bring back an old thread, but I'm in the process of buying a Mki9200 which i want to fit to my ST220 which has a Denso Sat Nav. I was just wondering if i'd be better wiring into the Aux-in and if so would i still need the SOT lead?

Any help would be great please.


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Hi.Yes, lead was correct and all worked fine :-)

Quite a tight fit getting the connectors behind/below the unit as not much room, had to feed them in carefully.

Hope this helps :-)

Cheers, Ian.

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Just thought Eifion, do you mean the aux 3.5mm jack plug (small headphone plug)..?

If so and you don't already have 1 fitted, you can buy a lead that plugs into the quicklock connector that goes into the back of the unit.

If there's already an aux 3.5mm lead fitted, the connector for this will have to be swapped from the original quicklock connector to the quicklock connector on the sot lead as this will be the 1 that plugs into the back of the head unit.

From memory, I think it's a white rectangular connector in the corner of the quicklock connector, you'll see the empty space in the new quicklock connector on the sot lead.

Hope this helps.

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