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Decided To Get Rid Of My Car Tonight At Auction


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Well. I'vehad enough of ford to last me a lifetime. From now on its German/Japanese.
If anyones interested in my 2007 tdci 130 116k,it'll be at auction at morris leslie in errol Perthshire tonight. Auction can also be viewed online but you need to register 1st.
Good luck to whoever buys it. It has brand new DMF/clutch/slave/cables etc.

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Sorry to hear you have had a dog of a car. Just make sure you don't buy a Japanese or German dog. They cost too much to sort out. You might want to avoid diesels with similar mileage as these seem to be the weakest point on all manufacturers at the moment. There not designed to be low maintenance like they used to be.

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Didnt put it thru at last minute. The average book price for my car was 1400!!! Unbelievable. Just bought brand new gearbox from a dealer who had 1 sitting in storage.was on eBay for £899&postage. Got wee bit o discount also. Fraud wanted £2400 for exactly the same item 6S7R box. Thieves!! No need for em to make £1700 profit on a gearbox.

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Main dealer parts are a rip off. They make more money on parts than they do selling cars. I new some bike dealers who bought brand new bikes in only to strip them and sell the parts as they made loads more this way.

At Arnold Clark in Dundee,the manager said it'd cost £2400 PLUS fitting lol!!

Unbelieveable eh?After I'd picked myself up off the floor,shook the kak from my boxers, I said "well Ive heard you do an exchange recon'd gearbox".He said we do,AND they're ONLY £1800!!!!!!!!!OMG,where the hell do they get off,asking folk for that much,AND £500 to fit it??? I mean,come on!

So I proceded to look on ebay(highest price 1st),& right at the top was the one Ive bought"RRP £2400 OEM Genuine Ford Gearbox for £899&£49 delivery. I was very wary of buying in case it was somehow a new bell housing with crap cheap parts(asian). I looked online 1st,& right enough,He's a Ford dealership in Southampton(with 15 branches if I remember correctly). He said it was all genuine,still in the packing crate from ford,all sealed etc. Also said if a customer orders 1 from them & they order it as special order,if the customer doesnt go ahead with the purchase,theyre stuck with it,until it sells. And with it being a high price item,they cannot afford to have so much money sitting on shelves,so they just sell it on at near enough cost-price to what they paid for it(obviously they must make a few quid,but nothing daft).All this had me thinking "WHY must Ford make a minimum of £1650?? doesnt make sense. To me,thats Ford saying "F**k you,if you want it,pay what we want!"

I mean,who at Ford deicides to,say,buy a box for £600 then "I know,I'll mark this up to 300% profit? Why not even just 100%? It's disgusting..Anyway,I'll let ya's know if it IS indeed the real mccoy,in case any1 else ever wants one.

Just had a thought, even a recon'd box on eBay is over £700,& you can probably guarantee that they only renew the BARE minimum. Ive bought hopefully a genuine new box for roughly £50 more than the price of a recon 1.

Hard to believe.

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